voicedata.jpgLow-Voltage / Voice & Data

At Lowrie Electric, we understand the vital role that the communication network plays in information management.

We know that in today's business the distribution of information is a necessity whether transmitted by voice, computer, video, or any other electronic media.

Our foremost commitment is to provide a reliable and flexible data and telecommunications cabling infrastructure that will deliver your data over a variety of transmission technologies.

From network design, cabling and integration services to installation, we have the telecommunications service expertise and experience to successfully implement structured cabling, voice & data systems design and installation for any size business.

We are aware that the key to optimizing your voice and data infrastructure investment is proper planning that will take into account your needs today and those of the future.

Our mutually beneficial relationships with our vendors allow us to keep in touch with the ever-changing products and materials that will enhance your fiber optics and voice & data cabling installation. We recognize the importance and sensitivity of scheduling and get the job done on time and safely.